Living with the Lams

Living with the Lams

Living with the Lams

Posted on February 12, 2019
On the 12 February 2019, B E A T S communicated with CBBC and Twenty Twenty, a television production company, regarding children’s sitcom Living with the Lams which is currently being developed.

A copy of our letter is shared here. We currently have collected over 370 signatories to our letter. We are no longer collecting signatories.

Our letter and the campaign that followed was first reported by Broadcast, quickly followed by BBC News, The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, Resonate, The Telegraph and more. The campaign has been reported internationally with coverage from China Daily, Al Jazeeraand South China Morning Post.

On the 14 February 2019, following our letter to CBBC and Twenty Twenty we have issued this statement and the Writers Guild released their statement supporting our concerns.

We eventually met with the BBC. What follows is a summary of important points from the meeting and our feedback following the statement from CBBC (which can be read at the end of our statement). BEATS will continue to make our work transparent and to hold to account the commitments made by CBBC.

Read our full statement here.

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